Become a Re:factor donor!

What is Re:factor?

Re:factor was born in an era of online conferences. It succeeds Axxes’ internal conference, Haxx. Re:factor is a digital conference with a focus on software development in the broadest sense of the term. We do not have a focus on a particular technology stack. And we also want to think outside of the box when it comes to our event’s format. We envision it to be a fantastic production, full of valuable content with a solid dose of entertainment to glue it all together. We’ll have talks that range from company culture and what goes behind an event like Re:factor, all the way to hardcore technical topics such as gRPC, machine learning and Gitpod. And to top it all off, we will end the day with a sparkling closing show.

National and international speakers will take the stage and share their expertise with viewers far beyond our small country’s borders. The conference stream will start on Wednesday the 31st of March at 13:00 CET (UTC +2).

Re:factor tickets are free and accessible for anyone who’s interested. We are using this opportunity to raise money for charity. Axxes, Euricom and Painting With Light, the organizing parties, will cover all the costs of the event. This means that every donation will make its way to Bednet for the full amount.

What is Bednet?

Bednet creates a live connection between sick children and their classmates, whereby pupils and teachers in class can see the absent child on a flat screen at the back of the classroom. The child at home can maneuver a camera, allowing them to attend lessons and/or talk to their peers. Bednet uses a straightforward system. Children actively participate in lessons, answer questions, can send and receive documents, and take part in group work – just as if they were really sitting in the classroom.

What’s in it for your company?

Every donation really helps Bednet deliver their services. But if you are willing to up your donation amount, we are able to give you some visibility at Re:factor.

Donation to Bednet (invoice on demand)€ 500€ 1000€ 3000€ 5000
Logo on our website (www.re-factor.be)checkcheckcheckcheck
Logo on the title slide of every breakout sessioncheckcheckcheckcheck
Logo on our email communicationscheckcheckcheckcheck
Shoutout on all our social media channelscheckcheckcheck
Live/Zoom interview (max 3 minutes) during the eventcheckcheck
A virtual booth in the virtual conference hallcheck

It goes without saying that you’re free to invite all your employees and relations to the event to maximize your visibility and to maximize the value you get out of Re:factor.

Do you want to make your donation official, or do you have questions? Get in touch with Hannes through [email protected].